Citizen Eco Drive Sporty Chronograph CA4154-07E

Citizen Eco Drive CA4154-07E. Various styles are always inspired and ready to complete the look. Sometimes, you want casual style, but also look fashionable and classy. To that end, fits would use Citizen Eco Drive watches Sporty Chronograph.

Citezen watches comes with a stainless steel body that is strong, black strap masculine and sporty design. This certainly makes the alloy Citizen CA4154-07E series is the right choice to complement your style while relaxing.
Citizen Eco Drive Sporty Chronograph CA4154-07E
Citezen Eco Drive Chronograph Sporty specially designed using the revolutionary Eco Drive technology, so as to maximize natural light and artificial as the driving force. Citizen CA4154-07E has also been equipped, Low Charge Indicator features so that you know when it's time to expose the clock to the light source.

Meanwhile, those of you who love sports, this Citizen watch also features chronograph to measure the passage of time and tachymeter which serves to measure the speed of movement of an object. Feature waterproof to a depth of 100 meters also provide maximum functionality.

Then, the presence of red accents surrounding the case were able to confirm the impression sporty trendy. In conclusion, make Citizen Eco Drive Chronograph Sporty CA4154-07E as part of your sporty casual style.